Getting Linux on a Raspberry Pi

What you will need:

  • A Raspberry Pi 3
  • A micro SD card

Step 1: NOOBS

Download NOOBS from the Raspberri Pi website here. Be warned, it is a largeeeee file!

Step 2: Extract and Copy

Once the file has downloaded, what you need to do is Extract (or unzip) the file on your computer.

Then, plug in your micro SD card into your computer. You may need an adapter to do so!

This also will take a few minutes.

When it is done, safely Eject your micro SD. 

Step 3 - Turning on the Pi


Plug in your micro SD card into your Pi.

Plug in your Pi into a computer USB or 5v adapter, and plugin your monitor as well.

The Pi should boot up! You will see this screen:

On this screen, it is a good idea to set your keyboard to your language of choice.

Then, click install! 

This is a good time to take a break, this will take some time.

Step 4 - Setup

Once the installation completes, you will be able to setup your Pi. Select your country, language, and time zone.

Then, if you like you can enter a new password for the Pi. The password for a Betabox Mini Computer is 

Next, if you like you can connect you a WIFI network. Select your WIFI network and enter the password.

Next, your Pi will check for updates. Allow it do run through this process. It may take a bit of time depending on how recently your Pi was built. 

Once updates are complete, your Pi will want to reboot. Let it! 

Then you are D O N E! 

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